12 Must Do Things At Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Seattle Pike Place Market Farmers Market Washington
Seattle Pike Place Market Farmers Market Washington

12 Must Do Things At Seattle’s Pike Place Market

1. Rub Rachel the Piggy Bank – Located under the iconic neon Public Market Center sign is a giant copper pig. Feel free to rub it, ride it or drop a few coins inside. The piggy bank takes donations for the Pike Place Market Foundation and supports social services in the neighborhood.

2. Catch A Fish By Hand – One of the big draws at the market is the chance to catch a fish from the local vendors. If you don’t trust your own butter fingers with a slimy fish, just watch the vendors do it as they yell orders back and forth.

3. Sample Your Way Through the Market – Walk up to one of the seafood vendors and ask for a small sample of salmon. Your taste buds have never tasted something so fresh. Ship some home if you like! Don’t forget to try all the fruit!

4. Visit the Original Starbucks – If you are a Starbucks fan, check out the original Starbucks store. It’s nothing fancy but it does come with some bragging rights. Be prepared for a 30 minute wait in line. 
Note – the original original Starbucks was at a different location 5 years earlier.

5. Pinkies Up At Turkish Delight – If you are a true coffee fan, head a few shops North of Starbucks to Turkish Delight and order their coffee with a pistachio baklava. OMG can we say party in the mouth? It’s half the price and double the flavor. I ordered the Turkish espresso which is roasted and finely ground coffee beans simmered in a special copper or brass pot called a cezve. It’s prepared unfiltered, and so the grounds settle to the bottom. Yes, that means you drink it with the grounds. Dare ya to drink it with your pinkie finger up! Cash Only.

6. Smell The Roses – Ooo and ahhh at all the amazingly cheap and large flower bouquets that start out at $20!

7. Go Hunting For Sasquatch – The Pacific Northwest is known for having Bigfoots…and the market is no exception. My dad loves the stories of bigfoot so I had fun finding him the perfect t-shirt and postcard. The thought of buying the Sasquatch poo did cross my mind. Ok not really.

8. Stick Around the Gum Wall – If odd things like this intrigue you, stop by the gum wall and leave your sticky mark on the wall. Watch your step!

9. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – Buy a cup of the world’s best mac-and-cheese and watch them make the cheese. Go to the very back of the store for free samples. You may need a friend to pry you away from the sample table.

10. Hidden Treasures Down Under – Don’t forget the lower level! There are some unique and quirky shops to browse that’ll give you a few chuckles. For example a magic shop, collectables, books and more. I enjoyed Merry Tails, the all things dog/cat shop…because that dog shaped soap was a must have.

11. Buy Local Art – Browse the stalls and buy from the local artists!

12. Photo Op – Pose in front of the Public Market Center sign for a photo. It didn’t happen unless there’s a photo, right?

Let me know in the comments, have you been to Seattle? What’s your favorite destination there?

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