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Four Unique Hiking Adventures Near Anchorage, Alaska


Four Unique Hiking Adventures Near Anchorage, Alaska
Explore Areas within Minutes of The Anchorage Airport with Knight S.

Your afternoon flight lands in Anchorage, Alaska and your boots are itching to hit the trails. But where can you go in such a short window of time? Alaska is very large and expansive state. It would be impossible to see most of this beautiful state without a lot of free time and resources because only 20% of Alaska is accessible by road. You’d have to know someone that can fly a plane or book yourself onto a cruise ship. But there are still a few great options to take advantage of within one hour of the Anchorage, Alaska airport if all you have are your own two feet, four wheels and  a couple hours. Take a step outside the city and you’ll find yourself in a whole new land.

But first, let me introduce you to my fellow globe trotting friend Knight. I met Knight via the world wide web during my Xanga blogging days. He’s a fellow adventure lover and free spirit that you can’t keep cooped up for too long. He was one of a few people that I really connected with and almost 12 year later, we still keep in touch.

On my family’s recent trip to Alaska (for a cruise), I finally got the chance to meet Knight in person. I mean really, what were the chances he was in Alaska and free the one day I was?? I know, the coincidence was too good to pass up. So we chatted for a couple hours (after I saw he wasn’t a serial killer….just kidding!) and later decided to hit the road and drive into the midnight sun. It was like we knew each other but didn’t. The conversation flowed and the exploration commenced. It was a weird collision of worlds.

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