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December 2016

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Into The Deep. My First Float Tank Experience.

I cautiously lifted the hatch door and one by one slowly dipped my toes into the warm murky water. It was as if I was stepping into a futuristic glowing space capsule. As I crouched down, I pulled the door closed behind me. I decided to fully experience the pod and completely close it from any outside distractions. I thought to myself “Goodbye world, I knew I shoulda left my parents a note of my whereabouts.”

The one foot of water slowly crept up the sides of my naked body and lifted me into what felt like weightlessness. It was like the Dead Sea, I couldn’t sink if I tried! The salty water almost had a slick texture as I ran my hand down my arm to the stinging paper-cuts on my fingertips. I laid my head back and looked up at the top of the pod. Water immediately flooded my ears. So much for the ear plugs that I obviously didn’t put in very well. The pod wasn’t claustrophobic at all. I’ve had it much worse riding middle seat on a plane. Just in case, I kept the purple hued light glowing. I wasn’t ready for the complete darkness. I paused and waited for the alien ship to beam me up and into the deep I went.

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