About Me

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Welcome to my little corner of the web! I’m Christin Marie but my friends call me Christy. I’ve created this blog to explore my personal passions in an effort to start my next “thing”, to create a side business and to help others. Helping others could be in the form of social media, marketing, health and fitness or purely finding the next big adventure.

This blog illustrates my journey to dive deep into my Core Desired Feelings of freedom, adventure, love, unity, playfulness, inspiration and strength. As Danielle LaPorte’s truth bomb says “resist the normal”.

I’m deeply proud of the fact that I’ve survived an abusive marriage and divorce and am on the journey to finding myself again.

My heart pours out to the young man I sponsor in Guatemala and others like him.

I’ve obsessed with travel and new cultures. Countries I’ve visited: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Ireland and Puerto Rico. My favorite spots: Guanajuato, Ambergris Caye, Playa del Carmen, San Lucas Toliman and Antiqua.

As a landlocked Kansas native, I crave water activities like SUP, snorkeling, swimming and oh the beach.

Health and fitness – holla!

Professionally, I’ve co-created a photography business from the ground up with my sister five years ago. Unfortunately, I became burned out on photographing weddings and long nights of editing. I love photography but I knew I had to use it in a different way. I also have 11 years graphic design/marketing experience. My travel photography though, THAT’S what keeps me coming back! Some have been published in Budget Travel, The Knot and Travel & Leisure.

Little Known Facts:

  • Pumping iron and being in nature hits my reset button. One of my sayings – “God says be outside.”
  • If I’m not wearing athleisure, something’s up. And yes, it’s now a word in the dictionary.
  • I’ve lived in central Mexico for 4 months to attend language school. I wanted to be fluent! Still do.
  • I used to own an Arabian horse named Blaze. I got him for praying the rosary every day a year. My dad didn’t think I would last that long.
  • I have a 5 year old Sheltie named Rico Suave. Watch out for that snaggletooth.
  • I look up to people like Angelina Jolie for her strength, charisma, and refugee work.
  • I’d love to adopt a child one day.
  • Top 5 Need To Visits: Jordan, Iceland, Turkey, Argentina & Colombia.
  • You could probably buy my love with an iced coffee….brownie optional. Just saying!
  • I believe all life is sacred.

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