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Reverie | What Is Coffee Cupping?

Reverie Roasters, Coffee Cupping Class, Wichita Kansas, Coffee Shops

As a coffee lover and a frequent coffee shop visitor, I was excited to see that a local cafe, Reverie Roasters, was starting to offer some legit educational classes in their updated “Tasting Lair” located up above the main cafe. I rushed at the chance and signed up for a one of their many Caffeinated Lab classes, specifically their cupping class. I might as well fashion my taste buds and become a bit of a coffee snob and ruin any future chances of enjoying other places terrible coffee ever again! I kid. I actually welcome the chance to learn something new and developing a more educated coffee palate (pinkies up!). But what in the world did I sign up for? What is coffee cupping? All I knew was that it involved sniffing, slurping and spitting. You think I’m kidding? Sniff. Slurp. Spit!

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