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Standup Paddle Board Bloopers – Santa Fe Lake

My sister Andrea and I took to the standup paddle boards again. It just wouldn’t be summer without it!  Santa Fe Lake in Kansas may not be the Caribbean but it’s better than nothing. It’s a great excuse for a lot of upper body exercise, stability work and the occasional swim. We don’t claim to be professionals AT ALL so we turned it into a blooper reel with zero seriousness. Enjoy!

If you would like to SUP in Kansas and embarrass yourself like we have, check out Flatwater Fitness for times, locations and pricing.

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Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat – Part 2

Utuado Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat Casa Grande Mountain Retreat_Pool Palm Trees
This past October I went on a trip that at one point I only dreamed about through a couple photos I had saved in a drawer. I had wanted a trip that involved some kind of physically challenging activity. I wanted to go do it on my own, make new friends, feel a sense of peace and boost my confidence and self esteem. When the words “Utuado, Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat” came across my screen, I knew I had found the perfect escape with all the right ingredients.

The first day of the yoga retreat was themed Earth and it defiantly was the most memorable. I’m talking all kinds of surprises in the Puerto Rican jungles. If you haven’t read it yet, you have to check out Part 1! Days 3-5 were themed Water, Fire and Air. The theme of water sounded like a good time but fire? I guess we’ll see!

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Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat – Part 1

©Christin Gnad_Utuado Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat Casa Grande Mountain Retreat_Hammock JungleA magazine article read “A Road Trip Down Puerto Rico’s La Ruta Panoramica” with a subhead promising a rugged 167 mile “scenic route” that leads to waterfalls, coffee plantations and a wild side of the island you won’t forget. The images were of adult tree houses set in the jungle, horses on the side of the road, green landscapes and delicious coffee. I said to myself “This looks fun! I want to do this one day!” So I cut out the photos and saved them deep within my dresser drawer.

“Waterfalls, coffee plantations and a wild side of the island you won’t forget”

That was five years ago. Fast forward to today and I’m looking for a trip with two requirements. 1) It had to have some kind of fitness aspect because moving my body always puts me in a good mood and yet it would be a challenge. 2) Go solo. I wanted to prove to myself that I could! I wanted something that would boost my self esteem, build confidence and I could say “hey I did that all by my awesome self!” I wanted to step outside my crippling comfort zone.

I casually searched online for a few months and nothing really caught my attention till one day an image showed up along side the words “Utuado, Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat.” It was THE porched-in tree house hotel with heavenly hammocks and jungle covered mountain tops that looked so very similar to a certain article I cut out years before! Now who says dream boards don’t work?!

I’m defiantly not a yogi by any means so this seemed a bit of a stretch (no pun intended)! But this retreat was unresistible. Perfect price, perfect timing and in a perfect location. The universe set this one up just for me. I took it as a sign and BOOKED!

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