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Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat – Part 2

Utuado Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat Casa Grande Mountain Retreat_Pool Palm Trees
This past October I went on a trip that at one point I only dreamed about through a couple photos I had saved in a drawer. I had wanted a trip that involved some kind of physically challenging activity. I wanted to go do it on my own, make new friends, feel a sense of peace and boost my confidence and self esteem. When the words “Utuado, Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat” came across my screen, I knew I had found the perfect escape with all the right ingredients.

The first day of the yoga retreat was themed Earth and it defiantly was the most memorable. I’m talking all kinds of surprises in the Puerto Rican jungles. If you haven’t read it yet, you have to check out Part 1! Days 3-5 were themed Water, Fire and Air. The theme of water sounded like a good time but fire? I guess we’ll see!

Day 3 – Water:

Now you can’t go to Puerto Rico without going to the beach. So I was glad this side trip made it into the itinerary. It was a one hour drive to Playa Sardinera. Once we were there we camped out under a palm tree and ate our packed lunches of hummus, pita bread and peanut butter sandwiches. Unfortunately it was the sand blasting hurricane force winds that took some of the fun out of it for me. But non-the-less, it was worth the trip. Plus on the way back we got to stop at a food stand for some legit Puerto Rican food, hello homemade Tres Leches cake.

Utuado Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat Casa Grande Mountain Retreat_Pool Jungle_Playa Sardinera BeachUtuado Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat Casa Grande Mountain Retreat_Playa Sardinera Beach OceanUtuado Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat Casa Grande Mountain Retreat_Jungle Pool Hammock
Day 4 – Fire:

Today was an early one. I wasn’t sure I was going to make the 6:00 a.m. fire flow sunrise yoga session. But I had to, I didn’t want to miss the sunrise action! As we flowed through the yoga session, the sun quickly poured into the yoga temple doors warming up the cool air. I’m glad I didn’t miss the fire ball like sun poking it’s head over the mountain tops. I also should have guessed that “fire” session also meant fire in the quads. Ouch! Afterwards, I passed out for a 45 minute nap in my hammock with the sounds of the coqui singing in the trees (they remind me of a squeaky swing set). Hear a sample here. The humidity also wasn’t 110% that day so it was perfect! The pure idea of not having anywhere to be, responsibilities to do or an alarm clock to set was BLISS. I could wake up naturally whenever I wanted. The rest of the day was free to do as we pleased so the group sat by the pool reading, swimming and talking. The day ended with an evening candlelight chakra meditation.

“My soul honors your soul. I honor the light, love, truth,
beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me.”

Day 5 – Air – Fly Home:

This day started with an intention setting yoga session. We did some easy yoga and wrote ourselves a note that will be mailed to us in 6 months. During that last meditation session, my eyes watered up as I bowed my head and said the last namaste. I had done it. I felt incredibly thankful and so excited that I had done this trip. I wanted an adventure, a challenge, to meet new people, be me without any judgement, do something physically and mentally refreshing and a trip that I did on my very own. The yoga saying “My soul honors your soul. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me” rang so true with this group of ladies. And you know what? I did it and I felt my peace.

Utuado Puerto Rico Yoga Retreat Casa Grande Mountain Retreat

(Left) Photo by Anna Boyle // Our yoga instructor Angela Beaver-Harris at Sunrise Yoga

Hotel: Casa Grande Mountain Retreat
“Fitness” Travel Agency: Trip Tribe
Camera Equipment: iphone6, Nikon Coolpix Waterproof Camera, Canon 5D Mark II, 50 mm lens

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